Get To Know Us!

Front Of House


Studio Manager/ Body Piercer

Margo discovered the magic of body piercing at the young age of 11 when she stumbled across the BME site for the very first time. From that point forward, she made it a mission to learn as much about the art of body piercing as possible. This passion drove her to change career paths from ‘soon to be fashion designer’ to ‘hopeful piercer’. She sought employment at her local high-end piercing studio where she was soon offered an apprenticeship and worked under a veteran piercer for 3 years. She made her way into a full-time piercing position in 2017 and has been loving every day of it since! One of Margo’s favorite things about being a piercer is the fact that she’s always learning. “The piercing industry is ever evolving and there is so much opportunity available to continue to seek education and growth. I’m an APP member and avid jewelry enthusiast; I recently took my love of jewelry one step farther by graduating from the Gemological Institute of America with an AJP (Accredited Jewelry Professional) degree! My love of fashion is still alive and well (plus I can never talk enough about all things gold and gems) which has allowed me to more acutely specialize in curations and custom jewelry design; making those piercing goals a reality!”


Jewelry Sales Specialist/Receptionist

Growing up, Brenda was always very drawn to the world of body modification. As she got older, she realized that she wanted to become all that she admired, so she started own her piercing and tattoo journey. Her collection grew and her love for fine jewelry really blossomed. Now she can’t get enough of the glittery goodness! Originally a client, Brenda understands how great it can feel to get that new tattoo or find that perfect piece of jewelry. She strives to give that same experience to every client in hopes a similar passion is sparked. Joining our team in 2020, Brenda continues to build her knowledge stating “I’m glad I get to work on these skills everyday!”.











Tattoo Artist

DK is a Brooklyn native tattoo artist looking to shake up the scenes. He brings ideals from pop cultures, and other forms of art into his tattooing. His approach to tattoo is art based and looks to “recreate” any idea you have, with your emotions at the focal point of your experience. “ I look to make you feel something every time, that’s an illustrators job!” DK says, as he highlights his artist background. Dk’s art career has always been ongoing but his love for tattooing sparked in 2017 when he met soon to be ink master contestant, Oba Jackson, whom he apprenticed under and and worked closely with for the next few years. His favorite styles would be (but not limited to) black and grey Afrocentric pieces, portraits, anime and more! His approach is simple: “Let’s think together and create together, so we both feel confident in the creation.”



Tattoo Artist

Kristen is a 10 year seasoned tattoo artist. Originally from Florida, they took their talents from East Coast to West Coast and spent some years tattooing in California before recently returning home to the sunshine state. Kristen has an art-school background that lends to their versatile abilities; although they specialize in black work, neo-traditional and illustrative styles. Their talents aren’t limited by any means and they frequently use their spare time to paint or make gold jewelry!  Kristen enjoys working with clients to help turn their ideas into a scene that vividly depicts the wearer’s artist vision; a vision that they’ll always cherish.








Permanent Makeup Artist

The passion for cosmetics and beauty came young for Rebecca. This lead her to take makeup to the next level: semi permanent! Rebecca sought to learn all about the world of cosmetic tattooing and continues to seek new ways to build her craft to make people feel their best selves. The idea of low maintenance and lasting beauty has always been a goal of hers that she’s worked hard to give back to those around her. Her portfolio of services only continues to grow with each new skill she learns. Watch out Ft. Lauderdale, brows-on-point are amongst you!